• Instead of using your energy to reinvent the wheel,

    invest it in building upon it ;)

  • 6 Reasons why importing international models is a good idea

    1. Overcoming the "unique idea" trap

    Very often when we decide to create something the idea emerges from our own experience of not finding that solution. That is the usual way startups are born: to satisfy an unsatisfied personal need. Anyhow, there is a big trap: we might believe that absolutely nothing has been done in that direction, simply because we could not find it ready for ourselves.

    Except for very rare cases (actually none we can mention here, but we assume they might exist), it is very likely that some other people around the world had a similar idea and have already experienced something worth sharing. Even though their experience might not be precisely the same as yours, there is a high chance a great part of your work is already done and tested.

    The above applies to any project. And even more to educational ones. If there is something we share across the globe is the need for new and diverse ways of setting learning environments.

    2. Creating robust solutions

    Building upon an existing idea obviously improves it. It´s how science works (or should!). It´s the driving force for evolution. The more you cross-fertilize concepts, the more robust they get. It is simple math: adding 1 to 1 is double of adding 1 to 0 (which is where you are when you start from scratch).

    3. Getting challenged by new visions

    When importing ideas (and working on adapting them to your local context and needs), your whole system gets challenged. And that is definitely great news. You are forced to revise your own assumptions and to understand your real essence. Your original ideas get improved along the process.

    4. Adding your own unique value

    Ideas are important. Execution is everything. The way you execute the idea, even if it is not 100% yours, is the added value you bring to the table. People usually overestimate ideas and neglect the generative power of implementation. This is not a copy-paste scenario. Choosing to work with an imported model allows you to outstand and shine based on your actions. And that is definitely something hard to match for your competitors.

    5. Getting noticed

    Nobody is a prophet in their own land. Even if your ideas are exactly the same as the ones you will import, in some contexts, they might look better if created overseas than locally.
    And let´s be honest, even in those cases where people might reject the foreign "because we are unique and nothing else is similar to us", there´s always room to respect and admire world-renowned cases.
    As an implementor, you can always define the exact amount of "foreign image" it´s better to bring to your context.

    6. Becoming Global

    Implementing imported models always opens up the possibility of growing a glocal community. All of our represented models come to life when they create interconnectedness.  





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