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    Fun Learning Approach

    Fun Learning is a holistic approach to early education created by Fun Academy. It helps teachers to promote key life skills to children and nurtures the passion for learning through play and exploration. Fun Academy developed the Fun Learning approach based on Finnish pedagogical expertise in combination with the best education practices around the world.


    Fun Academy

    Fun Academy is a multinational team of pedagogical and cross-industry experts with a shared passion for making learning fun! They develop, test, and implement educational solutions that teachers across the world can easily adapt to complement local cultures, curricula, and students’ needs. More info at https://funacademy.fi.



    Fun Academy and High Impact Learning celebrated an agreement to implement Fun Academy in Latam together. We unite Finland's essence and innovation with the reality of Latin America.



    We can make small interventions and also design and implement a complete school. Our bi-cultural teams are prepared to design, train, implement, maintain, and update projects on a small and large scale.





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