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    Sports Business

    Sports Business may mean different things to different people. All in all, it is a truly global industry, as sports stir up deep passion within spectators and players alike in diverse countries around the world. For people, sports can be anything from a venue for gambling to a mode of personal recreation and fitness, be it skiing, cycling, running, or playing tennis. To business people, sports provide a lucrative and continually growing marketplace worthy of immense investments. To athletes, sports may lead to high levels of personal achievement, and to professionals sports can bring fame and fortune. To facilities developers and local governments, sports are a way to build revenue from tourists and local fans. The sports industry is now estimated to be worth $500 billion worldwide. Europe and the US are world leaders in sports business professionalization. Latam countries are far behind them, but nevertheless have a huge potential to develop themselves to also be recognized as Sports Business Professionals.


    Sports Business School Finland

    Born inside JAMK University of Applied Sciences, "Sports Business School Finland" offers higher education degree programs on sports business management at both undergraduate and master levels, as well as open sports business studies for professionals already working in the field of sports. It also provides research and development services for private, public, and third sector organizations operating in the sport and experience industry. More info at https://bit.ly/SBSFinland.



    Sports Business School Finland and High Impact Learning celebrated an agreement to implement SBS Finland in Latam together. We unite Finland's essence and innovation with the reality of Latin America.



    We can make small interventions such as short programs and also design and implement a complete bachelor's or master's degree. Our bi-cultural teams are prepared to design, train, implement, maintain, and update projects on a small and large scale, with or without double degree agreements.





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