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    Team Academy

    Team Academy is an accredited Higher Education Program. It was born in 1989, as part of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, in Jyväskylä, Finland https://www.tiimiakatemia.fi/english.


    It´s radical method is based on Action & Reflective Learning.

    Instead of classrooms, offices.

    Instead of subjects, real business.

    Instead of teachers, Field Experts and Team Coaches.

    Instead of standard exams, real-life feedback.


    With more than 30 years in operation, it offers a fabulous opportunity for implementing "proven innovation".

  • “If you really want to see the future of education,

    you need to visit Team Academy”

    Peter Senge

  • Team Academy University in your city

    Bachelor and Master in Business (local implementation, European degree)

    Finnish & Dutch know-how + Local experience


    International Implementations

    Following the Finnish success, the Program was implemented internationally by different institutions. Although the essence is very well kept it can be found in different flavors, according to the context and purpose of the project.

    In The Netherlands, Team Academy International School (TA NL) grants an accredited BA degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship teamacademy.nl.

    In the Basque Country, the Leinn Program is a BA degree inside Mondragón University https://bit.ly/TAMondragon.

    In UK, Bristol and Westminster Universities both work with TA methods in their business programs https://bit.ly/TABristol https://bit.ly/TAWestminster.

    In Romania, The Entrepreneurship Academy offers the Dutch accredited curriculum via Fundatia Entreprenation https://www.entrepreneurship-academy.ro.


    Agreement with TA NL

    Team Academy University (Netherlands) and High Impact Learning celebrated an agreement to implement Team Academy in Latam together. We unite Finland's essence and innovation with the global spirit of the Dutch and the reality of Latin America to deliver a unique Higher Education proposal.


    Why Team Academy NL

    Out of all global wide implementations, we decided to partner with TA NL as, to us, the Dutch Program offers a unique combination of 4 key aspects:

    1. Self-Regulated Learning with Academic Scaffolding
    2. International Perspective with Local Focus
    3. Standard Accredited Curriculum with Innovative Action Learning Method
    4. European Accreditation with Off-shore Program Delivery


    We can implement Team Academy Programs within existing universities and grant double degrees.

    We can also create Team Academy from scratch inside a host Latin American institution (no need to be an accredited university), and grant the Accredited Dutch Degree without the need to go through a local degree process.

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