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  • Lumo Finnish School

    Initial, Primary, Secondary, Vocational and Teacher Training

    Finnish know-how + local experience


    Finnish Schools

    The very heart of the Finnish culture is mostly carved at its schools. Finns are like they are because they have the schools that they have and not the other way around. Schools are unique leverage points for society, and Finns got that message very well. After a huge educational reform (the mid-70´s), a great transformation brought to life the now world renowed school system. The process was long and hard, but the results are impeccable. Building trust, responsibility, respect, and love for learning, are the essential goals behind any Finnish School. The good news are that we can learn from that experience and create our own seedbed of change.


    Lumo Education

    There is only one Finnish school outside of Finland. It is in Qatar (https://qatarfinlandschool.com). It was designed and implemented by the technical team that today forms​ Lumo Education.



    Lumo and High Impact Learning celebrated an agreement to implement Lumo in Latam together. We unite Finland's essence and innovation with the reality of Latin America.



    We can make small interventions and also design and implement a complete school. Our bi-cultural teams are prepared to design, train, implement, maintain, and update projects on a small and large scale, with or without double degree agreements.





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