• Emprendizaje: learning with an entrepreneurial spirit

  • A game-changer Experience

    What we notice

    Carts before horses

    Very often people working in very different organizations and institutions (private companies, schools, government) get stuck in their development process both, personally and as a working community. When that happens, people start to get disconnected from their passion and tend to work (in best scenarios) just to get the job done.

    In most of the cases, the diagnosis for the situation is that people lack some skills and that they need training in the latest tool on fad. Huge amounts of money are spent every year on "the new" tools that will wake up and upgrade teams immediately. And that rarely happens. There is a spark right after the training but it rapidly fades.

    We believe it´s not a problem of the tools (actually we use most of them), but of the way that those resources are brought into action: as ends and not as mediums.

    We believe reconnecting with the love for learning triggers positive transformations

    Trust the process

    We all have the super-power of learning. Some of us are well aware of it. Some others are completely disconnected from it.

    When people are connected to their own power of learning they thrive. Obstacles are really seen as challenges (not just a phrase in a ppt) and there is a trust that they will find a way through. Energy boosts and there is more openness to work with others and to listen to different ideas.

    People who have well-developed metacognitive skills (are consciously aware of their own learning process) tend to be more tolerant with others, accept differences better, cultivate resilience, and navigate VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environments better.

    Yet, up to know, little attention has been paid inside organizations and institutions to explicitly work on this re-connection with learning as a super resource.

    We work by shifting the approach: from topic-centered to learner-centered

    Using tools as tools

    We can all agree there´s very little new under the sun. And that is also good news: in general terms, "the new tools" are built on top of previous ideas and refined to match the actual context. So they are great.

    We believe we can use the process of learning those theories and tools (that everybody talks about, that seem to be a "must-have", that promise to solve all problems), precisely as what they are: tools.

    Tools for what? Tools to satisfy two needs: 1) Re-connecting people with their love for learning by developing metacognitive skills, and 2) Making people experience the joy of learning with others and collaborating. Having achieved that makes that using the tools properly (these and any others to come) becomes a natural consequence and not an imposed drama.

    We deliver great content. We focus on people´s processes.




  • Emprendizaje in a nutshell

    Immersive 5 weeks

    Learning-by-doing Experience

    9 Full-day Sessions

    Tasks and Activities in between Sessions


    We have 6 pre-designed options.

    You can create your own.



    After finishing the process it is expected that participants:

    • Are re-connected with their love for learning
    • Have improved metacognitive skills 
    • Understand and value team-learning and collaboration
    • Have practical knowledge about the theories & tools
    • Have started the concrete implementation of the theories & tools in their environment



  • Create your own adventure

    Content is an "excuse" to run Emprendizaje. We have 6 pre-defined experiences. You can also create your own.

    Like with pizza: you choose the toppings ;)

    Pre-defined Designs

    Based on frequent Customer choices


    1. Emprendizaje for Business Development

    Lean Business Strategies + Agile Tools & Techniques + Business Generation Canvas + Design Thinking + Visual Thinking


    2. Emprendizaje for Team Development 

    Positive Psychology + Team Coaching + Team Motivation + Communication & Feedback + Mediation & Negotiation


    3. Emprendizaje for Leadership Development

    Comprehensive Approach + Positive Psychology + Theory of Change + Appreciative Inquiry + Participatory Leadership


    4. Emprendizaje for Organizational Learning 

    Biology of Learning + Communities of Practice + Organizational Learning + Theory U + Generative Dialogue + Organizational Design


    5. Emprendizaje for Organizational Design

    Comprehensive Approach + Lean Business Strategies + Theory of Change and Adoption of Innovations + Agile Tools & Techniques + Team Motivation


    6. Emprendizaje for Learning Institutions

    Communities of Practice + Experiential Learning + Communication & Feedback + Generative Dialogue + Participatory Leadership + Visual Thinking


    Ideas/Theories & Practices/Tools

    We are experts in these ones. Choose your own combination.

    • Agile Tools & Techniques
    • Appreciative Inquiry (David Cooperrider)
    • Biology of Learning (Maturana, Gardner)
    • Business Generation Canvas (BMC, CVC, Empathy Maps)
    • Communication and Feedback (Rosenberg, Bandler & Grinder))
    • Communities of Practice (Lave & Wenger)
    • Comprehensive Approach (Graves, Beck, Wilber)
    • Design Thinking (DLab Stanford, IDEO)
    • Expansive and Discovery Learning (Engeström, Bruner)
    • Experiential Learning (Kolb, Dewey)
    • Generative Dialogue (Isaacs & Bohm)
    • Lean Business Strategies (Eric Ries)
    • Mediation and Negotiation (Ury, Acland)
    • Mindset (Dweck)
    • Organizational Design (Holocracy, OKRs)
    • Organizational Learning (Senge, Nonaka & Takeuchi)
    • Participative Leadership (Art of Hosting)
    • Positive Psychology (Csíkszentmihályi, Seligman, Fredrickson, Lahti)
    • Psychological Profiling (Big Five, Hartman, Learning Styles)
    • Social Constructivism (Vigotsky)
    • Team Coaching (Tiimiakatemia)
    • Team Motivation (Belbin, Lencioni)
    • Theory of Change and Adoption of Innovations (Rogers)
    • Theory U (Scharmer)
    • Transformational Learning (Mezirow)
    • Visual Thinking






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