• Learning Festival: the Lollapalooza of Learning ;)

  • "Learning Festival" is a massive event for educators.

    It brings together on one same spot a curated variety of top-notch workshops. It´s all about practices, not talks. It is not a congress, but a learning-by-doing gathering.


    The 2-day experience is designed as a complete learning process that includes action, reflection moments, and self-assessment.


    Everything is carried out in a very joyful and relaxed atmosphere.




  • The Argentina case

    Learning Festival was implemented as "Experiencia Aprendizaje"

    Experiencia Aprendizaje

    Customer: National Ministry of Education, Argentina

    Years 2016 and 2017. Implemented in 8 different locations:

    • La Rioja (more than 1200 attendees)
    • San Luis (more than 1000 attendees)
    • Salta (more than 1300 attendees)
    • Córdoba (more than 1600 attendees)
    • Corrientes (more than 1200 attendees)
    • Santiago del Estero (more than 900 attendees)
    • Bariloche (more than 600 attendees)
    • Mar del Plata (more than 1500 attendees)
    Teachers and other educators who live in the countryside were able to attend innovative workshops for the first time in their careers.
    The event helped to break an installed culture of rejection of new practices. Due to its decontracted format it was a catalyzer for further pieces of training that were received with high motivation.



  • Get a glimpse of the experience

    2016 - La Rioja

    2017 - San Luis

    2017 - Salta

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