• If you want to go fast go alone.

    If you want to go far go together.

    ― African Proverb

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  • Managing Partner

    Nati Ceruti

    Learning Systems Designer

    Nati is a Learning Systems Designer. She loves learning and sharing transformational learning experiences. She advises leaders and coaches teams. She designs and develops programs, workshops, events, and processes of change throughout Latin America. She implements social innovation strategies in public bodies and private companies.


    She holds a degree in Psychology, a degree in Business Administration, and a Master's in Cognitive Psychology and Learning (UAM, Spain). She is qualified in Mediation and Negotiation (IUKB, Switzerland). She is a Certified Team Coach by Tiimiakatemia (Finland).


    As an entrepreneur, she runs High Impact Learning, and Love2Learn (start-up dedicated to creating learning ecosystems). She is also a permanent Visiting Lecturer at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, in Finland.


    Nati believes that to innovate is, ultimately, to learn something in a transformative way. She blends more than 25 years of experience in various industries and contexts with academic knowledge of learning. She generates unique holistic and pragmatic solutions, focused on challenging, collaborating, experiencing, and integrating what is usually apart. More info about Nati

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