• "Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of Learners."

    ― John Holt

  • Muutos Action Lab: getting learners to learn

    Muutos means Transformation

    Muutumme oppimalla (we change by learning)

    Whenever Learning happens, something changes. If nothing changes (ideas, points of view, behaviors), then learning has not happened. The process of learning transforms us. No matter if "we" refers to humans or to organizations. We are different from our previous versions after we have learned something.

    Training happened. Learning we cannot tell.

    The real cost of training

    The best organizations tend to invest a huge amount of money and time in training their humans. Best scenarios show that people are happy and motivated during and after the trainings. After-training surveys indicate people are "highly satisfied", value what they got, and point out that the program "exceeded their expectations" and that they "want more" of that. First weeks after the training teams are using the technical words they learned for their inner jokes. A month after the training, the only tangible change in the organization is the group´s photo taken during the closing session. Does it ring a bell?  

    Transference to everyday work is the key

    Properly designed and supported practice

    No matter how much money the organization invests, no matter how good the hired training team is, what does not work (or works poorly when measured by the effort it means) is the underlying idea of transference. Knowledge transfer only happens when people are able to apply what they are learning in their real environment, as a learning process. Cases are useless. "Imagine" and "as if" situations are mirages of deep learning. The only thing that works is to practice. Properly designed and supported practice.

    Muutos Action Lab

    From inspiration to action

    Muutos Action Lab is a Program where participants design and implement concrete practices to really apply what they have learned in previous trainings. By doing so, they acquire skills on how to deal with a knowledge transfer process in the future, as well as metacognitive tools.




  • Muutos Action Lab in a nutshell

    Immersive 5 weeks

    Learning-by-doing Experience

    9 Full-day Sessions

    Tasks and Activities in between Sessions


    Muutos Action Lab can be customized to include more or less staff co-creation in the process.



    After finishing the process it is expected that participants:

    • Have re-designed their everyday tasks to include new practices
    • Have resources to go from Inspiration to Action
    • Have improved metacognitive skills 
    • Are able to monitor their knowledge transference performance



  • Muutos Action Lab is a great first step to become an "Organization that Learns"

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