• "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

    ― Steve Jobs

  • Organizational Design

    The framework that boosts the action (or not)



    Organizational Design

    Organizational Structure refers to the ways an organization divides its labor into distinct coordinated tasks. It involves defining functions, span of control, reporting relationships, job descriptions, staffing and skill requirements, reward structure, etc. Organizational Design means assessing the organization´s purpose and environmental demands and defining the appropriate Organizational Structure to fit those.

    When the Organizational Structure is simple and adequate, the energy flows. When the Organizational Structure is heavy, twisted, and/or not clear, it adds up a huge unnecessary burden to the important tasks.


    What we do

    We help teams to design and deploy lean, simple, and organic Organizational Structures. We are experts in a wide range of models. We deliver a tailor-made solution.


    How we do it

    1. We learn about your organization´s purpose and plans.

    2. We work with all levels of the organization to create a clear diagnosis.

    3. We bring 2/3 different solutions as starting points to co-creation.

    4. We refine with you the option to be implemented.

    5. We support you in the implementation process.


    We can be of help if

    • You are facing changes in your strategy (they should certainly affect your OS)
    • You feel the energy is not flowing inside your organization
    • You identify silos and disconnection between areas
    • You sense there is chaos in your organization
    • You need and external technical view to discuss your ideas with
    • You already know your Organization Structure needs to change and need support
    • You started an Organizational Design process and it´s not going well
  • We are the midwife in the rebirth of your organization.

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